Willem Elsschot, Villa des Roses

Granta Books (London/New-York 2003) - ISBN 1-86207-616-2

The gilt-lettered advertisement outside Madame Brulot's pension in the shabby rue d'Armaillé promises a 'First-class family boarding house' and 'modern conveniences'.

One thing is certain: few emerge from their stay at the Villa des Roses unscathed. The seduction of the new maid Louise, the tragic suicide of Monsieur Brizard, the champagne birthday party for Madame Dumoulin - these are just some of the incidents and characters that cause a sensation in the blackly comic world of the Villa des Roses.

The film adaptation of Villa des Roses won Best Feature Film at the 2002 Hollywood Movie Awards.


Elsschot is full of subtle feeling and his style is highly economical and lucid ...
a sophisticated, parodic, tender realist of genius'

Martin Seymour-Smith

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